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Couples who are interested in participating in this retreat are asked to submit a letter of interest providing a brief introduction including who they are, why they are seeking to participate in this therapeutic retreat, what they hope to get from participating and how they believe this will help their relationship. Letters should be sent to Couples@DrJudiC.com.

After letters of interests have been reviewed couples who are believed to be good candidates for this program will be provided with the application packet. All packets are to be completed and returned within the specified timeline to be considered.

A screening of the applications followed by a telephone interview of the couple will assist in determining if the couple and their goals are a fit for this program. The goal of the screening process is to create the best match to maximize the benefit that each individual and couple gains from the retreat. This is a weekend of intense learning and counseling work, growth and development. It is imperative that couples who attend are both ready to participate and gain from this retreat.

Couples who are selected will be notified and provided with information for submitting payments and as well as location and scheduling. An immediate deposit is required to secure a slot.

A couple who is not selected to participate in a particular cycle of the program may be eligible to participate in a future session.