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This couples’ retreat is designed to merge everyday solutions with therapeutic and human behavior sense. The goal is to help each participant gain a clear understanding of who they are, who their partner is and how to be the best partner for each other.

The average couple's participation in this program lasts approximately four (4) to five (5) months, including pre and post retreat work and occasional follow ups after the first 3 months.

One of this program's greatest benefits is that you don't have to wait six months to a year to get and see results as it can sometimes happen in traditional Couples Therapy. Unlike most traditional counseling models, this program is front-loaded. The initial segment includes intense learning, change and growth. The remainder of the time is spent applying your new skills to your relationship. Marriage or relationships for that matter are not unilateral. You don't get to face a single issue per week. That is why having the skills to tackle what you are facing as it is presented is so important. The weekend retreat gets you off to a powerful start and the follow up sessions allow you to address specific issues and work on maintaining the changes that you are making as a couple. By the time you get home from the weekend your relationship is already different.