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The Living The Dream Couples Retreat is three days of work and fun designed to help couples at different stages in their relationships who want to improve their troubled relationships, reconnect with each other or learn to how to prevent trouble from entering their relationships. The weekend program is designed to give couples the tools that they need to rescue and / or maintain their relationships. It's like Marriage Therapy Boot Camp- Intense work that has you going home ready to resolve issues that impact your marriage.

Couples participate in therapeutic activities to help them

Couples who have participated include

Throughout the weekend couples learn from our sessions, from themselves and each other. They made progress as individuals, couples and as a group.

The weekend retreat is followed by even more personalized follow up sessions helping each couple apply what their new skills to the situations occurring in their lives. Imagine six months couples counseling in 3 days- That's how you feel after the weekend. Now when you complete the 3 months of follow up you feel equipped to tackle any issue that may present in the future of your relationship. You get a sense of having completed a year of marital counseling and the future of your marriage is rock solid.