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What is the best thing you can do for your marriage? Attend the couples' therapeutic retreat hosted by Dr. Judi Cinéas, LCSW, Therapist and founder of Living The Dream Inc. in Palm Beach, FL. This three day event is limited to five (5) couples and engages you in addressing the issues that disrupt or threaten your unity. The retreat is limited to couples who are married or in another form of committed intimate relationship. It's not Couples Therapy as you knew it- it's an innovative approach to relationship rescue and maintenance.

As people continue to grow as individuals, it is imperative that they and their partner also stay on a path of similar growth. As people's personalities evolve, their needs from a partner also evolve. When individuals learn to keep up with their own as well as their partner's growth, their relationship can stay the right fit. This retreat helps couples learn how to do this for themselves and their partner.

This weekend is more than just couples therapy. It provides you and your partner with an opportunity to be reintroduced to each other, reconnect and learn to be the match for your partner. You will engage in therapeutic activities as well as outside activities that help you strengthen and recommit to your relationship.

Following the retreat, each couple will participate in follow up sessions via secure video conferencing to help them continue to apply the behaviors changes they are making and get support along their journey.